Spirit Shirts for Sale

Shirts will be availabe to performers first, and if we have supply left we will open up sales to staff and family members. Shirts will be $10 for performing students and $12 for all non-performers. 

SXSW Casa Mexico Mariachi Performance

Updated Trip Itinerary – Bedichek Mariachi


Mexican American Cultural Center – SXSW Casa Mexico Performance

Because of the President’s visit to Austin on Friday, AISD has informed us that we will have to wait until 7pm for a return bus after our 2:30-3:00pm performance. The updated itinerary is below.  

10:30am – Students are released from 3rd Period

11:00am – Depart Bedichek for Downtown

11:30-1:30pm - Sound check and eat lunch at MACC

Crockett Vertical Team Fine Arts Showcase - Dec. 11th

Food, fun, and performances to showcase our talented fine arts performers. See the attached flyer. 

Mariachi Fundraiser

Hi Friends,

I want to make sure my students have the materials they need to succeed, so I just created a request for my classroom at 

Hermoso Carino Violin 1

Click to download the file. 


The following video follows our arrangement. Use this as a practice aid.