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Bobcat Update 12-7-12

Good evening Bedichek Middle School Families: This is Principal Diehl with the Bobcat Update for Friday December 7, 2012. Today was the last day of the perfect attendance 3 week monitoring period. Next Friday we will celebrate perfect attendance with dress code free Friday for students who qualify. Remember, perfect attendance means you are here every day, all day, and in every class on time. We have a very busy week coming up.

Boys soccer plays tomorrow vs. Gorzycki Middle School at 9:00 @Gorzycki.

Bobcat Update 11-30-12

Good evening Bedichek Middle School Families:  This is Principal Diehl with the Weekly Bobcat Update for November 30, 2012.

Are you hungry?  Are you hungry for some amazing pancakes?  Please join us at the Applebees at 6315 S. Interstate 35 on Saturday December 8th from 8 – 10 a.m. for a delicious buffet style breakfast.  All proceeds go to the Bedichek Bobcat Band Department.  Please call the Band office for more information at 414-5198.

Bobcat Update - 11/18/12

Good evening Bedichek Middle School Families:  This is Principal Diehl with the Bobcat Update:

We DO have school Tomorrow and Tuesday.  Students will be taking Middle of the Year tests in Math, English, and Science, so attendance is very important.  We have attendance incentives for the next two days.  On Monday students may wear Pajamas to school - they must be school appropriate.  On Tuesday -students may wear their own shirt instead of the regular dress code shirt. 

Activities for this week:

Bobcat Update - 11/15/12

Good evening Bedichek Middle School Families:  This is Principal Diehl with a special Thursday night update. 

*First:  On a monthly basis we conduct safety drills in preparation for unforeseen disasters.  Today we practiced the lockdown drill.  Please ask your kids what are the procedures to reinforce this information with them.  They should be able to tell you that they back away from doors, windows, and hide in the classroom where they can’t be seen.  They also have to remain quiet so they can’t be heard.   We practice these drills so the kids and staff will always be prepared.

Bobcat Update - 10/19/12

This is Principal Diehl with the weekly Bobcat Update.  Next week is already the third week of the second six weeks.  Students who have perfect attendance for weeks 7,8, and 9 will be recognized in November with a get-out-of dress code day.  Next Friday is the last day of the three week monitoring period.  Remember, perfect attendance means no absences (excused or unexcused) and no tardies to class.


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