Roy Bedichek Middle School

Einstein Jr. Advanced Academic Program

Einstein Jr. is a complete advanced academic program at Bedichek that offers advanced level core classes with a focus on inquiry and real world application of lessons. Students Einstein Collaborationwork with technology and project-based lessons mirror what they will be expected to do in a career setting.

Students work at an accelerated pace in all core classes. For instance, in Einstein Jr. math students will be on track to take Algebra in their 7th grade year and High School Geometry in 8th grade. Einstein Jr. students also take 8th grade science in 7th grade and High School Environmental Systems in 8th grade.

This fast paced advanced program pushes students to unlock their potential. Successful completion of the Einstein Jr. program will result in acceptance into Crockett High School’s highly recognized Einstein program which dual enrolls students in college level Mathematics and English classes, allowing them to earn both high school and college credit at the University of Texas beginning their junior year.

We look forward to working hard with you and your family!

 Advanced Academics Application - Spanish

Advanced Academics Application - English