Roy Bedichek Middle School

Entreprenuership Program

StudENT Inc. is America’s first pre-k through 12 entrepreneurship program. This program focuses on developing job skills that every company is looking for: creativity, resilience, public speaking, collaboration and many more.

Students in this program are on an advanced math track to take Algebra 1 in the 8th grade. Starting in the 6th grade, students attend classes in a cohort to learn advanced mathematical skills layered with business practices. In 7th and 8th grade these students will extend their knowledge through their math, social studies, and English classes. These courses utilize project based learning and focus on developing students’ reading, writing, and computation skills to achieve real world business competencies.

In addition, students will have the opportunity to take elective courses designed to build business skills and practices such as marketing, advertising, public speaking, creativity, coding and budgeting. Students in the program will work as a team to run a real business - the Bedichek Spirit Store. Students will create ideas for products, conduct marketing research on campus with other students, order products, present the items in the school store, and sell the merchandise. Students take payment, write receipts, and keep track of inventory.

The Entrepreneurship program will continue to Crockett High School where students will continue to take advanced courses with their cohort and cultivate their entrepreneurial mindset.

Bedichek School Store


Advanced Academics Application - Spanish

Advanced Academics Application - English